Was It As Good For You?

So TINA is over again. That whirlwind of activity and creativity that hurtles through Newcastle every Spring is clattering off into the distance leaving a wake of exhausted artists and organisers. (The office is closed this week while everyone takes a bit of a breath.)

Octapod would like to congratulate all those involved in this year’s TINA, particularly the festival coordinator Eliza Adam who worked untiringly for many months on the festival, weathered the funding crisis with remarkable tenacity and composure, and finally ran herself absolutely ragged during the festival doing everything from typing documents and making phone calls to carrying chairs and speaking on stage.

Overall, the festival is hailed as a huge success this year. Numbers have not been collated yet for all events but reports are that attendance was gratifyingly high and performances and presentations went very well.

With the Festival Club being in an existing venue this year, the frantic organising and heavy lifting was reduced a bit, which has been a huge relief to the crew doing the pack-down and bump out.

Preliminary reports suggest that the mood at Tent City was beautiful despite the heavy rain, although numbers (which have been dropping year by year) were down on previous years. The method of supporting people’s need for affordable accommodation over TINA may evolve in a new direction if creative ideas can be brought to the subject.

A number of new venues were used this year including the beautiful space above Baggas pharmacy  in Hunter St mall. We would very much love to use that space again in future festivals.


So we’re all pretty happy with the festival. You know, sore backs and a few things we’d rather were different but overall pleased. How did you find it? There was a survey being conducted at the festival and now it’s online so if you missed out on filling in the paper version, you can take the online one.

Go to http://www.kwiksurveys.com?s=OKDLGF_2d9ef6eb

And up next…

Capsule – Octapod’s monthly short film nights

3rd Thursday of the month, Octapod is hosting themed short film nights with guest presenters and a chance for you to screen something on that month’s theme as well. The first night will be Thursday 20th October where Dwuan Latrobe (a film maker and co-curator of Brain Pocket Projections) will present “Tributes and Mash-Ups” – a night where we look into the re-authoring of film in pop culture. Showing shorts and a documentary from his collection, Dwuan also asks you to bring along your favourite mash ups or re-edits to show on the night.

Thurs 20th October, 7 – 9pm in the Octapod space, 401 Hunter St, Newcastle.

Free for Octapod members; $3 / $2 for non-members.

Come along on the night. For more information, call Paul at Octapod on 4927 0470 (Tuesdays or Wednesdays) or email capsule.screenings@gmail.com

Capsule - Thu 20th October, 7-9pm, 401 Hunter St.

Poster for Capsule’s first night