Electrofringe highlights at TiNA 2013


If you missed out on seeing the showcase at TiNA last year presented by Electrofringe, well search no more. Here is a video of all the amazing stuff that happened as part of TiNA in 2013 at the Hunter TAFE and The Cambridge Hotel. Cheers to Steven Lattuca from Negative Films for filming, and to Fishing and Peaches the Wale for the use of their music.

And for those of you that have never been to TiNA or don’t really know what Electrofringe is….. well…… Electrofringe is not-for-profit community based experimental electronic arts and culture organisation dedicated to presentation, skills development and artistic exchange with a special emphasis on early career opportunities and accessibility. They focuses on uncovering emergent art forms and DIY culture with an emphasis on encouraging interaction between emerging and established artists and present a program of activities which include performances, artist and project presentations, exhibitions, workshops, panel discussions, exhibitions, screenings and public interventions.

If you are dreaming of presenting work at a festival which supports experimental and emerging artists, then get in touch with Electrofringe to find out how you could be part of their showcase in 2014.