Video available: The Art Gallery Fiasco – What Have We Learnt?

Octapod Acting Chair, Martin Mackenzie, participated in a panel discussion as part of the Newcastle Institute forum: The Art Gallery Fiasco – What Have We Learnt? on 9 October 2013 at the Newcastle City Hall. The forum focussed on the lessons of this fiasco.  How can the city avoid such failures of decision-making and resultant waste?  Why did the community lose interest?  Is a large major gallery what the city wants or needs anyway?  Are sports facilities or road repairs a better priority? If there are going to be public funds to support for the arts, should they be spent in different ways?   And are there lessons for any type of community group wanting to gain funding and support for their projects?

A video of the forum can now be downloaded from the Newcastle Institute website.

Vic Levi, one of the speakers on the night, has also kindly provided his notes for the evening which can be downloaded using the link below the video.