TiNA Print Program Arrives!


No turning back now! The print programs are here!!

We thought you might be pretty happy to hear that we have created a printed booklet this year as, based on the survey results, we heard what you were saying to us about the lack of information on our map from 2013.

Now is a really important time to tell you about why we had to make the decision to print just a one-page map last year. TiNA has been undergoing negative financial changes each year and the changes have seriously impacted our budget to deliver all of the things that you know as part of TiNA Festival.

But we know how important it is to create a document that becomes a memento, so much more than just your festival planning guide, but also a place to scribble phone numbers and get the name of that hottie on a panel you are at.

SO WE DID IT! The printed booklet is back!

Yet, we cannot do this without asking you (ever so gently) to donate some gold coin for this glorious print object. An artwork in its’ own right, really?


We are calling for you to show your support for our festival by donating for our printed program this year. As a festival, we need to start generating some income to ensure sustainability for our future. Yet, we do not want to start ticketing all of our events. You like all our free events, hey? So, maybe, you could chip in a gold coin (or more if you are feelin’ that generous) for this wonderful design object?

Have a look at some of the features!

Festival venue map (with wifi hotspots):




Artist Biographies are in the back:TINA PROGRAM3

Event information (Including artist names ADN event descriptions):

photo 1

We even have some pages featuring special guests like this Fistography exhibition poster:

photo 3


So this year, we cannot just litter the streets of Newcastle with our printed program as we want to try and show that we have sustainable goals. Our little printed booklet is just about the only ‘object’ we produce and it would mean so much to see our audience show us a (gold) token of their appreciation for our festival. Did we mention there are 200 free events this year?

Okay, so you get the gist.

Where do you find the program then? At the locations below:

1. The Edwards (148 Parry Street, Newcastle West)

2. The Lock Up (90 Hunter Street, Newcastle)

3. The Crack House (The Store, 854 Hunter Street, Newcastle West)

Of course, it is still available here online.