TiNA online program launch

This is not art festival. 2-5th October 2014The countdown to TiNA has begun and we will officially launch our online festival program at the PODzome exhibition opening at the University of Newcastle Gallery on Friday 12 September at 6.30pm.

It seems fitting to launch the online program at the University Gallery as the University of Newcastle has been a long time supporter of TiNA. This year has also seen our relationship strengthened through support from the University Gallery Curator, Gillean Shaw for our PODspace program. Not only did Gillean co-curate our recent PODspace Other Places exhibition, but she also offered us the use of their gallery space for the PODzome pop up exhibition.

PODzome is a group exhibition that has been curated by Jen Denzin. The opening will be a fun night and we look forward to sharing some TiNA program highlights as well as our screening our TiNA showreel. All welcome.

Exhibition opening: Friday 12th September, 6-8pm (including official TiNA online program launch at 6.30pm)

SAVE THE DATES FOR TINA 2014: Thursday 2nd – Sunday 5th October.