TINA Marketing and Communications Guidelines

It is in the best interests of all parties – Octapod and co-presenters – to cross promote each other where possible, including via social media, media coverage and in other promotional copy, such as e-news copy.

These guidelines will help ensure consistency of Octapod and co-presenter marketing plans. This is a draft only, and will be finalised after the TiNA Marketing Manager starts on 6 April.


How to assist Octapod to promote your program

Please stick to the deadlines set in the TINA TIMELINE 2015: Co-presenter Key Dates.

Please nominate a Marketing contact person. This will then be the main person that Octapod liaises with for marketing purposes. Please ensure that this person has authority to represent your group/organisation.


How to reference Octapod and TINA in social media and other media (including your website)

Please refer to Octapod as ‘Octapod’.

Please refer to TiNA as ‘This is Not Art (TiNA)’ in the first instance, then ‘TiNA’ thereafter.

Please ensure that you reference your co-presenter program as part of TiNA in all media releases and posts on your website. For example, ‘Crack Theatre Festival, part of the wider festival, This is Not Art’.

Please include the following statement at the end of all media releases:
‘(Name of your program) is presented as part of This is Not Art (TiNA), a national independent arts festival. [ADD MORE HERE].


Use of the Octapod and TiNA logos and credit acknowledgement

Please include the Octapod and TiNA logos on your website, with hyperlinks to (for the Octapod logo) and (for the TiNA logo).

Please ensure that the Octapod and TiNA logos are only used in accordance with Octapod’s branding guidelines  (attached). In particular do not stretch or alter the colour of the logos.


Social media – facebook

THIS IS NOT ART and Octapod have active facebook pages. Make sure you like these pages, and we will like your pages too.

Please tag THIS IS NOT ART and Octapod whenever you reference us. We will do the same for you.

Octapod will actively promote co-presenter events and other news via Facebook in accordance with our marketing plan for TiNA.


Social media – twitter

THIS IS NOT ART (check twitter name) and Octapod5 have active twitter accounts. Make sure you follow these accounts, and we will follow you too.

Octapod will actively promote co-presenter events and other news via twitter in accordance with our marketing plan for TiNA.



Social media – instagram

THIS IS NOT ART actively uses instagram during the festival period (TBC) (ADD MORE HERE).


Promotion via

Octapod manages CultureHunter – the Lower Hunter’s online arts directory and information hub. TiNA Co-presenters are encouraged to add news and events. Membership is free and we actively promote all profiles and other posts via the Facebook page as well as a monthly e-newsletter.


Promotion via

Co-presenters will be promoted via the TiNA page of the Octapod website. Please provide an up-to-date description of your program to Kate Britton, TiNA Executive Producer by 8 March.

We will also promote TiNA and any related co-presenter news via our monthly PODpress e-newsletter. The deadline for submissions is the 28th of each month (for inclusion in the following month’s PODpress).


Contacts for the TINA marketing and communications team

Octapod will appoint a Marketing Coordinator in April 2015. Before that time, all marketing inquiries should be directed to Kate Britton, TiNA Executive Producer via

The TINA Marketing Coordinator will be assigned an email address once they start and this page will then be updated. Their role will be discussed in detail at the Programming/Marketing meeting to be held in Newcastle on 27 June 2015 as part of a broader discussion about marketing strategies.