TiNA Co-presenter Portal

Welcome to the online portal for TiNA 2015 co-presenters.


Octapod is really excited to have you on board as a co-presenter at TiNA 2015. In this portal you will find information about TiNA and Octapod, key stages in the delivery of TINA, a timeline of key datesa venues databaseinfo for your artist call outmarketing guidelines, and key contact details.

This portal is designed to help you understand how TiNA works and what you need to do as a co-presenter. It provides a snapshot of key issues. Please refer to individual pages within this online portal for further details. Key documents will also be housed here, for easy reference.

If you have any questions, please contact Kate Britton, TiNA Executive Producer via kate@thisisnotart.org or call (02) 4021 1605. Kate works part-time, so please leave a message she is not in the office.

Please note that this resource portal is a hidden link, and has been provided exclusively for co-presenters participating in TiNA 2015. Please do not share this link with others.