This Is Not Art Festival Call for Submissions :: Matching Dollar For Dollar ::

This Is Not Art (TiNA) has been chosen as a lead organisation by Creative Partnerships Australia to distribute matched funding for artists to present new work at this years festival, held from 2nd to 5th October 2014.

TiNA  have been chosen based on our capacity to reach, influence and work collectively with artists across different art forms and geographic locations. TiNA has been allocated up to $20,000 to distribute to Australian artists for the creation of new work, at a maximum of $4,000 per artist, per project.

We are calling for you to submit your ideas to present new projects and creative works at this years festival. The program allows successful projects the opportunity to raise money via crowd sourcing to receive matched funding. So you can potentially double your funding, if you reach your funding goal!

How much money is up for grabs?

Currently, we have a remaining budget of $4000 to allocate to artist/s that would like to deliver a new work at our festival this year. We are calling for submissions of ideas and projects, which you would like to present and deliver new work at TiNA.

This could be divvied up into:

  • 4 x $1000 allocations (that means you can get matched funding of $1000, totalling a complete budget of $2000 for your project)
  • 2 x $2000 (with potential to receive match funding of $2000, resulting in a total budget of $4000)
  • 1 x $4000 (with potential to receive match funding of $4000, resulting in a total budget of $8000).

TiNA is calling for creatives’ (Individuals and/or groups) of all backgrounds to express their interest in running a crowdsource campaign to be part of our #matchit program.

What kind of projects will be considered?
That is the beauty of This Is Not Art! All! We are open to inclusion of visual art, music, theatre, writing and more. TiNA is an experimental environment where artists can test and exchange ideas that belong outside of institutions A convergence of writers, performers, thinkers, independent and industry musicians, dancers, visual artists, thespians, arts workers, media makers, creative researchers, electronic artists, physical performers, dilettantes, and DIY culture makers in a showcase featuring over 400 local, national and international artists, TiNA provides a forum of professional development, in which industry professionals, emerging artists and students are encouraged to showcase their work, network, collaborate and develop new skills.


  • Your crowdsource campaign must be launched and finalised before 5pm Monday 9th JUNE 2014.
    That means this is a short turnaround! This opportunity would suit artist/s whom have already been considering a crowdsource funded project. We  can help you lift your creative project off the ground financially AND give you a place to present your work at 2014 TiNA.
  • Campaigns must launch from Monday 16th JUNE and end by 12pm 30th JUNE.
  • Only successful applicants will need to run a campaign. Projects only run a campaign after approval. If you are already running a campaign, your project will not be eligible.
  • Artist must submit a Submission form, available here for download.
  • Applicants will be notified by Thursday 12th of JUNE, if successful.
  • Please attached a budget (suited to your requested amount) with your submission form, example budget is located here.
  • Submissions are due by 5pm Monday 9th JUNE 2014 (email details are on the submission form).

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