THIS IS NOT ART 2011. Its time to get excited.

Thanks to the incredible support from the Australian arts community, the This Is Not art Festival 2011 will go ahead.  So it is time to start getting excited.

This Is Not Art is like Christmas for me and my friends or ‘surrogate family’. They all come home. The phone calls start in September from interstate. “Do you have a spare bed or piece a carpet?” and I reply “Do you have a tent? “.  After a few similar phone calls all of my backyard camp spaces are taken.  Then towards the end of September some of my favorite people in the world start rolling into Newcastle and make my backyard home.  As some of us drink cups of tea in the sun, others are out experiencing the rolling spontaneous joys that are T.I.N.A’s alone, on the streets and in the venues of Newcastle.

This year T.I.N.A 2011 will be no different.  The Opening Extravaganza Night at the Festival Club will be the official welcome celebrating the launch of the 2011 program in style.  And as the five day festival continues on Newcastle will be exposed to the regular T.I.N.A delights; Critical Animals, Electrofringe, National Young Writers Festival and Crack Theatre who will all inspire innovation and collaboration whilst celebrating amongst a convergence of culture makers.

A little taster of things to come,

The Big Top Ball will be held on Saturday 1 October, the greatest show on earth. You are invited to don your finest tutu, oil up your handlebar mustache and join us at a big top bash that would make Barnum and Bailey proud.

As part the Crack Theatre Festival, The Movement will present an interactive web-based dance and film work that will investigate and question the notions of originality and sampling. Embrace the remix.

Oh and, of course, how could we forget the Sunday Zine Fair? The fair is a chance to wander through tables and tables of independent publishers, print makers and hundreds of zine makers from across Australia. While festival goers recover from the onslaught of the previous days, the fair provides the perfect setting with entertainment, delicious treats and fingers crossed, Newcastle sunshine.

As spring draws closer so does T.I.N.A and it will be time for me to mow the lawn, dust of the tutu and start preparing for my T.I.N.A Christmas, my favorite time on the Newcastle calendar.

THIS IS NOT ART 2011. 29 Sept till 3 Oct.  See you there!.