Soap Box in the House – a National Youth Week event

  1. Soapbox-CrewThe Soap Box Music Studio is a mobile program which aims to engage young people in exploring their lives through the medium of music. The program uses Hip Hop and other musical forms to expand their creativity and willingness to express the current issues and values that are important to them.This ‘Pop-Up’ Soap Box in the House at Pachamama House is a celebration of youth culture involving a music workshop with song writing, beat making, DJing and hip hop dance.

    It will also culminate in a performance by experienced performers as well as an open mic for those willing to show off their new found skills and confidence.

    Our hosts for the day are Octapod and Pachamama House Community Hub and our faciltators are Shane Kennedy of UP&UP and Pat “KiDREAM” of Newcastle Scratch Academy.

    The event is free and their will be food and refreshments.

    For further details  contact Richard – 0401534610 or check out the event on Facebook.

    This National Youth Week event is made possible by support from Newcastle City Council and Newcastle Youth Council