Our experience of delivering arts projects since 1997 means that we have the know-how to successfully provide information and advice, auspicing services, networking and skills development opportunities to artists.


We value experimentation and diversity and seek to provide safe spaces for artists to test out new ideas.

We have a long history of successfully managing projects through all stages of concept development, implementation and evaluation. Projects generally involve event management, group facilitation, sponsorship negotiation, partnership development, community consultation and advocacy. Staff have a broad range of skills across all of these areas.

Friday_FemmeFatales_ThePress_VinceRuston_creditAlanWeedonWe deliver services such as auspicing and mentoring to help you secure grants and manage your projects effectively.

We provide information through our Culture Hunter website, enquiry service and various Enewsletters.

We provide networking opportunities through our events and initiatives.

We offer a Membership Program that offers advice to artists plus other benefits.

Through our role as Producer we provide infrastructure support to This is Not Art (TiNA) – one of Australia’s leading emerging arts festivals.

We provide organisational mentoring to Artist Run Initiatives (ARIs) that provide leadership, creative and professional development opportunities for artists with disability across the visual arts and writing practices.

Examples of our work include:

  • Producing TiNA over the past 20 years in Newcastle
  • Providing organisational mentoring to the Artist Run Initiative Newcastle (ARIN) (Visual Arts), Inside Out (Visual Arts, Maitland) and Write Up! (Writing, Newcastle)
  • Presenting The Storm Creative Exchange – a partnership between Octapod and Open Cage Ensemble, an inclusive theatre group, that delivered a community arts residency at Nobbys Beach in Newcastle


What people say about working with us:

“Critical Animals [part of TiNA] is doing an incredible job of engaging emerging professionals in the arts, media, and research communities in particular, it provides an encouraging, yet academically and artistically rigorous, environment for students at all levels to develop confidence, ideas, and collaborations that inject enthusiasm into academic communities. Keep up the good work!” Critical Animals artist 2016


I came to Octapod at the nadir of my depression. I had landed a disability from a career, and felt unable to pick up any thread of my previous existence. It felt like Octapod listened and participated…they were making programs with us and by us…I love this ‘doing it together’…that led to a lot for me. It has been real growth, not just something to keep us out of the house in the day.Kerri Shying, Artist, Writer, Recipient of the Writing NSW Early Career Writer Grant 2017

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