Running Your Own Creative Business workshop: 21 October

Places are still available for this one day professional development workshop for creative operators.

Presented by Monica Davidson, Running Your Own Creative Business is absolutely essential for those seeking a successful career in any creative industry: Film & TV, Visual Artists, Musicians, Performers, Writers, etc. Although as creatives we often prefer to concentrate on creative output, financial viability and success relies on our abiity to navigate the business arena.

Understand the importance of applying business principles to your creative work, manage your finances more effectively, understand tax as it applies to a creative business, gain familiarity with basic contracts and copyright laws, learn how to market your services effectively and efficiently.


In this session, we focus on the basics of setting up a creative business. Setting Goals – What do you want from your career?

Your Professional Name – ABN, Business Registration, Trademarks, Websites

Business Structures – Sole Trader, Partnership, Co-Op, Company, DPV

Morning – Part 2: CREATIVE MONEY

This session looks at that most difficult aspect of self-employment – an irregular income. Budgets and Cash flow: How money affects your creative business.

Understanding your Rates: How much can you charge?

Invoicing and Getting Paid: The paper trail that allows you to charge for your work.

Afternoon – Part 3: CREATIVE LAW

This session examines the two legal essentials for creative businesses – copyright and contracts. The Basics of Copyright: An explanation of the essential elements that copyright protects.

Making Money from Copyright: Keep it, sell it, license it.

The Basics of Contract Law: including what a contract actually is.

Creating a Written Contract: Including a step-by-step example of a working contract.

Afternoon – Part 4: CREATIVE MARKETING

In the final session we put together the foundations for a creative marketing campaign. Making Money – Your Skills Audit

Multiple Streams of Income – How to be Not Poor

The Beginning of Selling – Marketing for Creatives

Strategies to Consider – Websites, Branding, Interviewing, portfolios, DIY work, word of mouth, more. The Marketing Plan – The What, When and Where of Strategies

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The Running Your Own Creative Business workshop is being presented by the Australian Film Television and Radio School in partnership with the City of Newcastle and Octapod.