PODSpace – What’s the News?!?!

If you’ve walked past the Pod in the last couple of weeks, I’m sure you noticed the exciting building work that’s been going on. So where’s it up to, you ask? Well,…


Actually, first just let me tell you about the Art Counts Exhibition. Run by Disability Network Hunter and supported by Octapod, it presents the work of artists with disabilities. Details are:

Exhibition Opening

11am, Thursday 24th November

Newcastle Art Space, 246 Parry St, Hamilton East.

Read the invite for the rest of the info.


So, PODSpace: Builders have worked hard and fast to construct some movable wall sections that create the gallery space, and now –

Hold on, I just want to mention Octapod’s Ideas Night. It’s in the evening, just after the Art Counts opening and it’s here in the Pod. This space and this organisation are an awesome opportunity for a humming, thriving collaborative arts and media community to spring forth, and we want to get those ideas out into the open and discuss them among all the great people who are able to make it all happen.

Octapod Ideas Night

6pm, Thursday 24th November

Octapod, 401 Hunter St.


So the walls are built and the window space will continue to be used, becoming an additional part of the exhibition area available to artists.

Oh, just one more thing:

Octapod itself is having a launch event on Friday 2nd of December, 4-6pm. What a gala affair that’s going to be!


OK, OK, here’s the goss on the PODSpace:

* many thanks to the builders, who did a great job building moveable wall sections so the PODSpace now exists!


* We will be painting the walls ourselves, this Friday. If you are able to come and help, please let us know by emailing admin@octapod.org, just so we can make sure there enough paintbrushes and everything. We’re starting work at 9am.

* PODSpace will open on November 16th!! That’s very soon!

* There is an exhibition opening the next night: Thursday November 17th, 6-8pm.  A fundraising exhibition to help finish the PODSpace renovations.

* PODSpace is now taking proposals for 2012 exhibitions. Contact via email: podspace@octapod.org

* PODSpace would also like to support exhibiting artists to offer workshops that complement their exhibition. The rest of Octapod is pretty chuffed with that idea, too!

So come and see how it’s coming together! Penny Dunstan’s work “The Armour of God” has been turned to show the other side, so if you haven’t seen that side yet, get on down!