PODzome: in the middle of things


The upcoming PODspace exhibition – PODzome – is an ode to the constancy of local creative adaptations, experiments, expansions and contractions. Podzome is a pulse. It is a map. It is a conceptual tuber. In a broader context, Podzome marks change, flux, and mobility in and around our city. Its artists are engaged in urban, creative, and organic rhizomatic networks, which exist ‘in the middle of things’1. Podzome is also a formal ‘hat doffing’ to the alliances and interconnections generated by and between organisations such as Octapod and the University of Newcastle.

The new PODspace, formerly an artist-run gallery, is itinerant. It has become an open structure, not fixed to a format or place. It hosts pop up shows, events and programs in different locations. Over the past two years, it has regenerated and grown horizontally with offshoots popping up throughout Newcastle. Rhizome-like, PODspace has self-propagated and multiplied sideways.

Podzome also heralds the commencement of Octapod’s flagship event – This is Not Art Festival (TiNA) on 2-5 October. As one of the nation’s leading contemporary and emerging arts festivals, TiNA continues to create experimental environments where artists can test and exchange ideas that belong outside of institutions. Come along to the exhibition opening on Friday 12 September at 6.30pm for the official launch of the TiNA online festival program. Hear from the TiNA Directors about program highlights and view the TiNA showreel.

PODzome has been curated by Jen Denzin, former PODspace Director, and features the work of Jen Denzin, Penny Dunstan, Maggie Hensel-Brown, Mandy Robinson, Jane Robinson, Bree Sanders, Brooke Stevens, and Alison Smith. It features work ranging from installation, new media, photography, mixed media and drawing.

Exhibition dates: 10 – 27 September.

Exhibition opening: Friday 12th September, 6-8pm. Official launch of TiNA online program: 6.30pm

Gallery hours: Wednesday – Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 12-4pm.

1. Deleuze, Gilles and Guattari, Felix: A Thousand Plateaus, (University of Minnesota Press: 1987), p7.