Economics May put Bread on the Table – but it’s Arts that feed the soul

Community Arts can comprise a wide variety of interests, genre’s, expression, but the key factor that makes it fit within the definition is that the art form is Of the community, BY the community, and FOR the community.  It’s not something that is driven by governments nor is it something that is driven by commercial interests.  (That’s not to say that community arts should not, and can not, be commercially rewarding for the artists)

There’s a great little video on YouTube that describes the struggle of community musicians – and it’s the same no matter what branch of the arts you’re involved in.  It expresses the tunnel vision of those that enjoy the product of artists and performers yet fail to value the effort made by others to create and deliver that product.   Here’s the link and we encourage you to check it out:

Whether your taste runs to: Theatre; visual arts; photography; music; zines; literature; street performance; publications; film; or a multitude of other creative, artistic pursuits …. whether you’re an artist, an audience, a volunteer, a sponsor, or a patron ….Community Arts is all about YOU.  Because one way or the other, each one of us benefits through Community Arts and Culture.

That’s why organisations such as Octapod exist ….and it’s why YOU – as an individual in our community – support us.  We need each other to nurture a strong Community Arts sector.  And together we need to enlighten those in the community with tunnel vision.




  • Get along and support Community Arts events and local artists/musicians/performers
  • Be a financial member of a Community Arts organisation – such as Octapod
  • Become an active member of your Community Arts organisation – volunteer for something, do a workshop, promote its activities through your networks
  • Talk to others and teach them about the value of a strong Community Arts sector
  • Lobby your politicians to support the Community Arts bodies in your community