On yer Bike and Cycle with the Pod

A website launched by the Australia Council for the Arts last year [ http://www.whatmakesme.com.au/about ] is an initiative designed to encourage Australians to learn and understand how art enhances each individual’s life.

That’s exactly what Octapod aims to do for people in the greater Newcastle region.  We know that the Arts foster tolerance, creative and lateral thinking, and bring members of the community together to deliver Arts to the community as a whole.  The Arts are an integral component of our Society, our Culture.

We’ve seen how Arts events such as the TINA festival for example has connected to a wide range of tastes and has even introduced the world to the greater Newcastle community.  And we’ve seen how small environmental arts projects have drawn individuals in the community together.  We’ve heard members of the community tell how a particular Arts event has made a difference to their life or their thinking, or even how a particular project has challenged their beliefs and attitudes.

And of course, it’s Community Arts bodies like Octapod – all across Australia – who nurture new art and artists, and who provide a conduit between creative spirits and the community at large.

That’s just some the reasons why we’re so excited to introduce the first of our funding programs – the SeedPod Community Cultural Development (CCD) Program. And it happened because the community got together late last year to hold an inaugural fundraising event.  And that’s an extraordinary cycle isn’t it? – the community raising funds for the Community Arts body…which is all about connecting artists with their community.

And that kinda tells the story doesn’t it?  The community NEEDS its Arts every bit as much as artists need their community.

If you’d like to know more about applying for a grant under the SEEDPOD program, please go to our website www.octapod.org