Octapod celebrates 20 years with Digital Archive

34582641125_4a6625d743_zWith support from the University of Newcastle’s (UoN) Cultural Collections, we have established a digital archive that records our activities over the past two decades.


Content from the Octapod Cultural Collection will be used to create a digital timeline that documents past projects and key events, and will enable the organisation to maintain a record of future activities. This digital timeline will be launched at the Octapod Birthday Bash on 29 July 2017.


Octapod was founded as an informal collective in 1996 by ‘a group of artists and students who liked the idea of a public access media space – where people could create and browse interesting and unusual, non-mainstream media’ (Healy, 2005).

Initially known as The POD (and officially registered as ‘The Platypus of Deliverance Association’, which won the debate against ‘the Prince of Darkness Association’), Octapod was conceived as an incubator and a common infrastructure for a variety of independent projects. It was formally incorporated as an organisation in July 1997. Founders included Damien Frost, Sean Healy, Aaron Bristow and Marcus Westbury.

With a 20 year history of successfully delivering creative projects, in recent years Octapod’s activities have focused on strengthening arts and cultural sector capacity, providing skills development opportunities to artists and supporting increased participation in the arts by diverse communities across the Lower Hunter region.

Members of the public and Octapod alumni are invited to add their comments to any of the images in the Octapod Cultural Collection hosted by UON Cultural Collections.