Stencil Art Prize – Call for Entries

The Stencil Art Prize is a touring exhibition of the world’s biggest, best and most daring artists that use the technique of cutting stencil layers, and painting a design.

Entries for the $10,000 Cash Prize close on 1 April 2019. Entry is via email with full details online at

Finalist artworks will exhibit at Gaffa Gallery in Sydney in September 2019 and then go on tour around Australia for up to two years. 

This biennial event is the largest and longest running stencil event on the globe. Each year, we exhibit the most innovative, inspiring, challenging and captivating stencil artworks.

Collectively our finalists push the boundaries of the “stencil definition” each year as they develop new stencil techniques, messages, materials and technology. From photo realist stencils involving dozens of layers- to intricate hand cut stencils on delicate paper – the Stencil Art Prize is the authority on all things ‘stencil art’.