Notice of AGM | Call for Board Members

Octapod believes that arts and culture are critical to the social and economic health of our local community. Our vision is of a diverse and thriving arts and cultural sector across the Lower Hunter and our mission is to provide leadership and cultural development initiatives to enhance the capacity of the region’s existing and emerging creative communities.

As a passionate, proactive and participatory not-for-profit, we exist for the purpose of stimulating arts and cultural development, increasing accessibility and inclusion for all, and improving sector capacity and sustainability. One of our most proud achievements is the production of This Is Not Art, an annual celebratory arts festival which has brought national audiences to Newcastle for more than 20 years.

Information relating to Board Member nominations and notice of our Annual General Meeting can be found below.


Nominations are now open to join our 2019/2020 Board

Octapod is governed by a board which guides the organisation’s strategic direction and financial management. The Board is made up of dedicated individuals with expertise in strategic, financial, marketing, human resources and business management, a commitment to Octapod’s values, and a passion for our community cultural development work in the region.

Nominations are now open to join our 2019/2020 Board. Constitutionally, this is a minimum 12 month commitment however we politely ask all Board members to commit to a two year term.

We are specifically seeking a Treasurer and General Board Members who are in a position to offer the following skill sets:

  • Legal
  • Corporate fundraising and grant writing or evaluation
  • Accounting and business advisory
  • Marketing and communications
  • Risk management

An existing appreciation for and connection to the arts and cultural sector as well as a relevant local network highlighted by influential relationships will be beneficial in addition to an understanding of Board accountability and governance.

If you would like to learn more, please contact Emily Bowen via or 0422 259 370 to receive a copy of the Information Pack, quoting reference 2304 in the subject line.

Nominations formally close Sunday 19th May 2019. Application instructions are included in the Information Pack.


RSVP to attend our Annual General Meeting

All members of the corporation are advised that an annual general meeting of the members of Octapod Association will take place as follows:

Time | 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Date | Thursday 23 May 2019

Place | Newcastle Region Library, Theatrette (Level 1)

RSVP | By Sunday 19th May 2019 to

Please note only Octapod Association Members are able to attend, nominate and vote at this AGM. To become a member click here. If you are unsure about your membership status, please email

On arrival at the meeting please see Zephie Cerny (Secretary) to mark your attendance on the register of members and if needed, update your name, address and any other details.


Draft Agenda

A copy of the draft agenda can be found below. Should any member wish to indicate an item of general business for discussion at the AGM, it must be provided in writing to by Sunday 19th May 2019 addressed to the attention of the Secretary.


6:00pm |  Item 1: Welcome, attendees and apologies

1.1: Confirm the chair for the meeting

1.2: Attendees

1.3: Apologies

1.4: Quorum


6:03pm | Item 2: Minutes of the previous meeting of members

2.1: Confirm the minutes from the previous AGM and any special meetings

2.2: Matters arising


6:08pm | Item 3: Consideration and acceptance of previous year reports including

3.1: Annual report

3.2: Audited financial report


6:23pm | Item 4: Presentation of a draft annual forward management plan


6:30pm | Item 5: Questions about how the corporation is managed


6:37pm | Item 6: Appointment of an auditor for the next financial year and authorise the directors to set the fee


6:40pm | Item 7: Election of directors including appointment of office bearers


6:55pm | Item 8: Authorisation to directors to determine their remuneration


6:57pm | Item 9: Any other general business

(agenda items must be provided in writing to by Sunday 19th May 2019)


7:00pm | Close