Notice of Annual General Meeting

Artist painting and another playing the guitar as part of This Is Not Art Festival 2018

All members are advised that an Annual General Meeting of the members of Octapod Association will take place as follows:

Time | 6:00pm to 6:45pm

Date | Monday 16 May 2022

Place | Via Teams (link will be provided to attendees before the meeting)

RSVP | By Thursday 12 May 2022 to

Please advise in your email if you require interpreting services for the video meeting.

Please note that only members of Octapod Association are invited to attend and vote at this AGM. 

How to nominate for the Board

  1. Ensure your membership with Octapod is current (membership starts from as little as $15 per annum).
  2. Request a nomination pack: email
  3. Complete the short questionnaire and attach your resume and/or LinkedIn profile RSVP to attend the AGM

Nominations close THURSDAY 12 May 2022.

Draft AGM agenda

Agenda item suggestions must be emailed to the Secretary at by Thursday 12 May 2022.

Item 1: Welcome, attendees and apologies

1.1: Confirm the chair for the meeting

1.2: Attendees

1.3: Apologies

1.4: Quorum

Item 2: Consideration and acceptance of previous year reports including

2.1: Annual report

2.2: Audited financial report

Item 3: Presentation of a draft annual forward management plan

Item 4: Special resolutions:

4.1: Organisation name change proposal

4:2 Revised constitution

Item 5: Questions about how the corporation is managed

Item 6: Appointment of an auditor for the next financial year and authorise the directors to set the fee

Item 7: Election of directors including appointment of office bearers

Item 8: Authorisation to directors to determine their remuneration

Item 9: Any other general business