Income Lost – grant recipients announced

A colourful grid of 18 of the recipients of the Income Lost Small Grants Program, 2021

Income Lost Small Grants was a program which aimed to support emerging and experimental practitioners in the Hunter region, across all creative disciplines.

The grant, which provided a half day or full days pay (based on the National Association of Visual Artists code of practice) hoped to soften the impact of income lost as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Cancelled gigs, postponed projects, exhibitions laying in wait in closed spaces – it was our hope that this small grant program could be both an encouragement to keep on keeping on, and a small amount of financial relief.

  • This grant is Octapod’s way of acknowledging the impact the lockdown is having on experimental and emerging practice. As a non-competitive grant, Octapod was able to approve 92% of applications.
  • All applicants were reviewed by a board sub committee for eligibility against our definitions of experimental and emerging practice, and against the intent of this grant to ‘soften the impact of income lost’.
  • Octapod received more entries than we had expected – and as a result dispersed nearly 1 and a half times MORE money than we had expected. (+144% increase in funds to this project as a result of need).
  • 23 recipients in the community shared in just over $8,500 in funds.
  • This grant was a prototype service developed by Octapod through its recent service redesign. It was funded through Create NSW (Arts Rescue and Restart Funding Package) and by generous donation from Hunter businesses. Just over one-fifth of the grant pool was locally funded by donations.


Selected recipients:

We’re amazed at the diversity and depth of experimental and emerging talent in the Hunter. Explore the list below of some of the talented artists, working across art, dance, music, performance, theatre, and much more.

@cupletpoetry  |  Claire Albrecht – author of ‘pinky swear’ and forthcoming book ‘handshake’.

@fabulistumbra  |  Josh Anderson – Emerging experimental artist developing a theatre company The Fabulist Umbra.

@keighleybradford  |  Keighley Bradford – debut indie author of ‘Once We Were’ released December 2020.

@knockandruntheatre  |  James Chapman – emerging theatre maker.

@jen_denzin_  |  Jen Denzin – installation artist, whose first solo exhibition, held at SMAC Space Studio in Tighes Hill, would have opened the day the Hunter’s lockdown began.

@lissfinney  |  Liss Finney – keep an eye out for her native Australian animals hidden along Hunter Street Mall.

@janiegibson  |  Janie Gibson – you’ll have to wait til 2022 to see her original solo performance ‘Voices Of Joan’

@luxwasps  |  Liana Goninon – Hunter Street Tafe arts student, working across painting, printmaking, drawing, animation, photography and sculpture.

@hannah_indigo  |  Hannah Indigo – hulahoop artist, as seen in the award-winning variety cabaret OMGWTF

@foxcontrolmusic  |  Huw Jones (aka Fox Control) is an artist, music producer and musician.

@embersofretribution  |  Damien Linnane – self-taught artist, illustrator and novelist.

@samtheveldarman  |  Sam Madden – maker of improvised sonic moments and the composer behind Veldar.

@jeremyjminett  |  Jeremy Minett – moving slowly from gun for hire to an ‘artist’ through the medium of somewhat genre-less instrumental music.

@mikaylanangle  |  Mikayla Nangle – dancer, increasingly venturing into self-choreographed works and experimenting with styles and forms of movement in immersive spaces

@alessia_s_art  |  Alessia Sakoff – Environmental artist who creates art in open environments as well as the studio.

@sandy_sanderson_  | Kristen Sanderson – Artist, fashion/costume designer, kaleidoscopic space clown with textile intuition.

@faultyfaerie  |  Lynda Sanderson – cabaret artist, aerial acrobat, stilt walker, artist, poet, performer and rigger. Let’s just say she wears many hats.

@wolf_ifritah  |  Kirsten Wolf – behind such street performances as ‘Rosie the Riveter’ and ‘Bug’ – she sets fire to things on purpose.


Create NSW

This program was supported by Create NSW