Art About Not Making Art: Paid Opportunity for Emerging / Early-Career Artists

At this time of the year, Tantrum would normally be launching Trajectory Residency to provide local emerging artists with space, time and support to make new creative works. In the face of COVID-19, we feel it’s just as important to provide artists with the resources they need… but in a different way.

Tantrum is offering FOUR emerging / early-career artists the opportunity to come together and explore making art about not making art. Specifically, we’re interested in your experiences of feeling unproductive, whether as an artist due to COVID-19 or in general, and how you’ve responded. Now more than ever, it’s difficult to know how to be an artist (read: “human being”). For four local practitioners who need it most, we will provide space, time and support for collective reflection during a period of isolation.

As opposed to any outcome, this process of meeting and sharing will become the creative act in and of itself.

Practically, over a 1-month period starting from Saturday 29 August, selected artists will:

  • Gather weekly as a group with Tantrum’s Associate Artists (read: “human beings”) to share experiences and responses to feeling unproductive in a creative (read: “positive”) way.
  • Get paired individually with one of Tantrum’s Associate Artists so you can support each other in a way that works the best and means the most. This will be negotiated between the two of you towards some form of weekly engagement, no matter how simple or small.
  • Be paid a living allowance of $500.
  • Have the opportunity to feed into Tantrum’s Community-Engaged Project Art from the Depths over the October long-weekend if you wish.

Applications close 5PM Wednesday 19 August

Click here for more information and to apply.