New co-presenters wanted for TiNA 2015

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Octapod is looking for new co-presenters to join TiNA in 2015.

Moving into 2015 and beyond, an annual call out will be announced to invite applications from organisations or groups interested in getting involved with TiNA at a programming level. This process will allow TINA to respond to emerging art practices and ensure the diversity of the TiNA program. A new festival model will be piloted in 2015 and we will assess the new measures over the coming months.

Note: Individuals or groups interested in presenting their individual work or events at TiNA should apply directly to Co-presenters via the annual Artist Call Out (9 March – 5 April 2015).

Read the guidelines and access the online application form via the Octapod website.

Applications close: Tuesday 27 January at 5pm.