Mentoring and auspicing services now available

580658_541089059271065_1637631294_nFor a long time Octapod has auspiced projects on an ad hoc basis, including the Cultural STOMP Festival and Critical Animals, and we’ve always provided advice to artists – but now we are making it official, with the launch of our auspicing and mentoring services.

Open to financial members who are Legends or Ambassadors, our auspicing service is for individuals, sole traders or unincorporated groups who are required to have an auspicing body in order to get a grant. So if you’ve found a grant that seems perfect for your project idea, get in contact with us to see if we can auspice it for you.

Our mentoring service is open to any Octapod member and provides tailored advice to help you on your creative journey. So whether you are artist looking for support for your creative business / arts practice or someone with an interest in the arts and need support to get involved – Octapod can help you with that via our mentoring service.

Full details on the new Services page of our website.