MATCH Program Update

Are you wondering what is going on behind the curtain at the wonderful world of TiNA? Well, look no further for a juicy update!

We are proud to announce that we have nine projects that will be delivering new work with This Is Not Art Festival this year, as part of the Creative Partnerships Australia MATCH Funding Program. This independent programming stream is very exciting for The Octapod Association to produce, as it means that TiNA has been given the opportunity to work directly with artists to creating a variety of special events and projects, made specially for presentation at our festival in Newcastle.

Creative Partnerships Australia’s new program MATCH: Crowdfunding for the Independent Arts Sector facilitates the creation of new artistic work by matching funds raised via crowdfunding, dollar-for-dollar. The matched crowdfunding model aims to create new networks for financial investment for the independent arts sector, contributing to long-term sustainability for artists and for the sector.

This program aims to reach up to 200 Australian artists, as chosen by 17 pre-eminent independent arts organisations around Australia. The 17 arts organisations span a broad range of art forms, including visual arts (Westspace), Indigenous arts (Umi Arts) and theatre (Anywhere Theatre Festival), ensuring that new work will be created across a variety of genres, and in each state and territory. Funds raised up to $4,000 via crowdfunding by each artist/project will be matched by Creative Partnerships Australia, generating $8,000 for each new artistic work.

Congratulations to our succesful projects, which are:

 The Newcastle Weekender Festival – Performances and gigs

The Newcastle Weekender Festival runs in Newcastle NSW from Thursday 2nd October – Sunday 5th October 2014, in proud partnership with the This is Not Art. The festival kicks off with three days/nights of programming at the limited capacity Terrace Bar, including:
– 10 year anniversary celebration of the closure of Bloody Fist Records curated by Mark N,
– two nights curated by ex Sound Summit & Spring Break director Chris Hearn,
– a handful of very special to-be-announced Headline Guests, and
– a stage of one-off collaborations between experimental musicians over film.

Don’t Panic – Comic Launch & Reading

After a sell-out launch of his comic book Storm Clouds, Ben Mitchell will present Don’t Panic, a 40-page sequel accompanied by a companion cassette featuring two original songs written and recorded in conjunction with the story.

Artist Profile: Ben Mitchell is a super-keen graphic designer, illustrator and photographer from Newcastle, who currently works at a creative space in Hunter St mall called The Roost Creative. Storm Clouds, a 60-page risograph-printed detective comic, which was partly completed as an honours exegesis on experimental comic layouts and eye direction.

Newcastle Mirage Limited Edition – Zine

Newcastle Mirage is fuelled by two basic ideas; promote Newcastle and its’ people, and be positive about everything we include. Each monthly edition aims to inspire people to want more from our great city, to speak positively about locals and to get involved where possible. Newcastle Mirage will produce a special ‘This Is Not Art (TiNA)’ edition of their monthly printed street press zine. The TiNA edition will feature a coloured cover and will celebrate Newcastle arts and culture, produced by a number of Novacastrian’s  (someone who lives in Newcastle) who are genuinely excited by local events.

Madhouse Radio – Podcast Radio

“Madhouse Radio” will be launching at this year’s This Is Not Art festival in Newcastle. The Madhouse Radio program will be a two hour weekly podcast featuring live and programmed content from independent and major label artists along with contributions from other industry figures. We want Madhouse Radio to be an open music forum by and for the people but we need all of your help to do it!

Scum Magazine – Zine

“Hi! We’re Scum Mag, and we’re making a zine. We’ll be commissioning exclusive content for the zine, labouring over staplers, and releasing it out into the world in early October. So, what will the zine be like? Remember blue light discos? That’s the theme of the zine. 
Blue light discos were a transformative space of early subject-formation and bourgeoning sexuality. 
Nostalgia might be fun, but it is also dangerous. The zine will be challenging, mesmerising, provocative and most of all fun. The zine will be everything you’ve already seen us do, but on paper and with more words. With your powers combined, we’ll be zine-ing it up and throwing a launch party at the festival in Newcastle in October – hope to see you there!”

Interactive Visual Art Installations – Public Art

Artist George Rose, will be creating interactive visual art installations, including festival way-markers, outside of TiNA venues, which will help link the multiple venues used, across the city. This project serves a triple function of being responsive to site, fun and interactive for audiences and providing easier access for new visitors to the city.

Far Flung – Performance

Collaborated dance performance installation working with themes of distance, communication and place. Five artists working together, separated geographically, yet linked by technology. Work will be installed across various locations throughout the city, each day changing location. Audiences are invited to participate and interact.

Speak Easy Dinner – Special Event

A participatory art project, with a small curated audience of 25, with key artists facilitating conversation about futures and arts practice, with key issues such as sustainability, art and wellness. The event is recorded, videoed, tweeted bringing the aspects of real time into social media and web-based time.

Gale Force Wins – Performance

6” Uncut presents, a new live performance which incorporates an innovative blend of character driven story telling and a live interactive game show format. The performance will examine and critique notions of voyeurism, fame/infamy, mass consumerism and the reality TV genre.

Artist profile: Jack Beeby has performed at previous TiNA festivals, and delivers a one-man-show, blurring the lines between cabaret-style, character-based monologue and live game show experience.

We are very excited to be working with the above artists on this new stream of programming made possible by Creative Partnerships Australia.

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