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Founded in 1997, Octapod is a non-profit organisation that supports a diverse and thriving arts and cultural sector in the Greater Newcastle region. We provide strategic leadership, support and frameworks to help build the cultural, social and economic capacity of the region’s creative sector and increase participation in arts and cultural activities.

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Octapod financial members have access to unique career development opportunities such as auspicing services. Find out about special events, get exclusive discounts on merchandise and have voting rights at our Annual General Meeting.

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Octapod is grateful for the support of our valued partners who share our vision for a vibrant, diverse and dynamic arts and cultural community for Greater Newcastle.

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Octapod is governed by a volunteer board which guides the organisation’s strategic direction and financial management. The board is made up of dedicated individuals with expertise in strategic, financial, marketing and business management, a commitment to Octapod’s values and a passion for our community cultural development work in the region.

If you are interested in making a valuable contribution to an important organisation and have time, expertise and networks we want to hear from you!

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For twenty one years, Octapod projects have been the catalyst for numerous creative careers to blossom and develop.


If you would like to show your support and help contribute to the Greater Newcastle region’s arts community, please consider making a tax deductible donation to the Octapod Cultural Activities Fund.


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Associates provide Octapod with professional pro-bono support

We welcome pro-bono skills, advice or other support to increase Octapod’s capacity to deliver ethical quality services to the creative communities of the region.

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As an Octapod Volunteer you can develop your creative career, contribute to your community and strengthen your regions arts and cultural sector.

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