It Never Rains But It Pours

Octapod as an organisation is just kind of rubbing its eyes and going “Mmm, 2012, eh?” but the staff are already busy with so much change. Two positions are changing, one is starting for the first time and more is afoot for the near future.


Another Position Available

It’s the season for starting new projects now, and one more position has become available: Artist/Producer for This Is Not Art Festival.

This is a volunteer position.

This is  Not Art is seeking an artist/producer or collective to conceive and facilitate an ambitious and visible project which will activate Newcastle’s public spaces and engage the community.

For information, see

Applications close Friday 16th March


Positions Still Open

Applications are still open for the paid positions of:

This Is Not Art Festival Coordinator

Applications close 5pm, Tuesday 21st Feburary


Community Liaison Officer

Applications close 5pm, Friday 17th of February


Media Space Closed

The media space sometimes gets a bit wet in heavy rain and Christina discovered why in one of the recent storms: The whole gap between the main building and the media space fills up with water and it just flows in under the door.

So Christina and Mitch have started pulling up the carpet and the space is un-usable and closed until around the end of this month, when we hope to have rectified the problem and repaired the floor.


Arts News

Selected from


The Optimism of Summers Past

It’s your last chance to see Lucy Barker’s exhibition “Lifestyles of the neither rich nor famous” at Maitland Regional Art Gallery, ending this Sunday 19th of February.



Our World Unseen

This Friday 17th is the opening of an exhibition of Conor Ashleigh’s photographic story-telling work at the Lovett Gallery, Newcastle Library, Laman St.