Get the Culture Nod with the Pod

If you haven’t checked out the new website for Culture Hunter lately, then we recommend you do so real soon.   It’s got a hot new look … it’s much easier to find information … and its dead easy to post on the site.  Plus….it’s free – did we mention that?!

With such a rich cultural diversity that we have in the Newcastle and Hunter region, it can be hard to keep up with everything that’s happening – there’s always something going on, somewhere!  That’s a great indicator that we’ve got a healthy arts community happening.

Something that visitors or newcomers to the city lament is that they can’t find out what’s happening.  Sure there’s the gig guide in the local papers …but if you’re not into pubs and clubs, that’s not a lot of help.  In fact, there’s lots of information being circulated but it’s not always widely accessible.  Much of the Arts activities are circulated through existing networks which might not necessarily help you to build new audiences.

This is where Culture Hunter can fill a gap by being a central portal to Arts and Culture in the region.  It’s a great initiative for Musicians, Artists, Venues, and arts organisers to spread the word about their event.


1.      go to the site:

2.      add yourself to the directory

3.      build your profile

4.      post away!

…easy, see?  Just 1…2…3…4

Oh, and did we mention – it’s FREE!

So see you there soon, ok? is managed by the Octapod Association and funded by Arts NSW