#FriendsofTiNA2016: Show your Support

TiNA_FB_Covershot_2TiNA provides a unique opportunity for artists across Australia to come together, share work, and test ideas in a national platform and for the community to experience this creativity whilst exploring Newcastle’s CBD.

The Festival is run by volunteers, for the love of art.

TiNA is a proudly FREE festival offering more than 190 events across the October long weekend.

It’s the four days of the year when collaboration is king and passion, skill and practice are showcased during the nation’s most inspiring party.


Show us some love and help make 20 years of TiNA possible. By contributing what you can, together the ongoing support of #FriendsOfTiNA will help ensure the sustainability of the Festival.

Make a tax deductible donation to the Octapod Cultural Activities Fund (and select TINA as your preference for donation) and/or buy some TiNA merchandise via Octapod’s online shop.