Speculative Fiction Writing with Marianne de Pierres

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Speculative Fiction Writing with Marianne de Pierres

Writing Speculative Fiction – sci-fi, fantasy, dystopian, cli-sci-fi and much more

Saturday 6th July 10am – 2pm Tutor: Marianne de Pierres

Author Marianne de Pierres has been teaching speculative fiction writing for almost twenty years. Her own novels range from science fiction to paranormal crime and young adult fantasy. She makes a habit of genre blending and bending, and this informative workshop will encompass some of the practices that have helped her write award-winning novels.

Writing Speculative Fiction with Marianne de Pierres will include sessions on:

  • Research and Worldbuilding
  • Genre blending and bending
  • Adapting and enhancing content to reach a wider audience
  • Industry Insight

Marianne’s workshops are heavily writing exercise focused, so please come ready to write.