Find out how to create a one-off distinctive screen print using nothing but a screen, ink, brushes and squeegee – no stencils! Some people say it is like printing a painting. Once you know the key points you can create a monotype print (unique print) by directly painting onto a screen and squeegeeing the ink through the mesh onto paper.

Be prepared to get messy and don’t dress in your best gear. Wear closed-in shoes for safety. Bring your own lunch or pop up to the nearby cafes and shops. All materials are supplied. Bring some images; ideally not much bigger than A4 size; that you can trace onto the screen. After tracing, the image is painted in about fifteen minutes so that the ink doesn’t dry in the screen. The image above, Donkey, was painted in this time from a tracing. You can also try water colour, which is a slightly different process that lets you take more time and gives lovely soft edges.

Monotypes rely on you working with the ink in what is considered the most painterly of printmaking processes. This course does NOT cover the basics of screen printing such as stencils, registration etc. We offer other screen printing courses which cover the basics.