Lounge Sessions presents Big Jarda

Earthie Theatrical Space

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Big Jarda is a new three piece groove-based band in the Newcastle scene. Jarda meaning backyard in portuguese. Big (Jarda) Backyard is a three-piece band bringing together in the one suburban enclosure music from Brasil, Africa and anywhere that is not here.

The instruments and sounds include voices, flute, bass flute, guitar and percussion. The performers are Rebekah Parkes, singer, capoeira teacher and circus performer; Sarah Monk, flautist, exponent of the sublime bass flute and singer; Jim Chapman, guitarist, percussionist, singer and player of African instruments like the mbira, uhadi and nyangan pipes.

The songs are full of life and rhythm, from Bossa Novas to Reggae, Cape Verde Forro, Zimbabwean Mbira songs, Broadway anthems, Cuban Son and Parisian neo-African funk. Hear pop get repurposed, fusion be refabricated and samba go supercharged. Big Jarda reaffirms the musical connections across the globe, hops all the fences and welcomes all under the Hills Hoist of backyard inclusion.

$10 cash on the door, coin donations for tea and coffee.

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