Following on from the extraordinary success of the two sold-out Dream Drone ‘Sound Ceremony’ recitals at the prestigious Sydney Opera House, Newcastle is about to be transformed by its own Dream Drone ‘Sound Ceremony’ on Sunday the 23rd of February at Fort Scratchley.

A Healing Medium, Dream Drone events harness and deliver a ‘dream like’ state of consciousness that launches the listener on an inner journey of self-discovery that is as unique and personal as each individual on earth. Participants are bathed in a deep ocean of sound saturating body, mind and soul. Yoga mats are provided for the ninety-minute lay down sound experience.

North-East Arnhem Land Yolngu songstress Gambirra Illume weaves song, story and sounds into the primordial pulse of the three Sound of Hemp didgeridoos – played by Jon Worsley, Steven Mazabow and Si Mullumby. The Dream Drone Team are converging from as far as Perth and the Sunshine Coast for this unique offering.

Dream Drone exclusively play Sound of Hemp® Didgeridoos. Each instrument has been uniquely and individually designed and crafted by Dream Drone member Jon Worsley.

Introducing the Performers:

Gambirra Illume is a Yolngu Woman residing in Lake Macquarie, a deep performer, cultural ambassador, healing artist and workshop facilitator.  Serving the community to unite people, Gambirra is the beating heart of Dream Drone.

Jon Worsley has been designing and crafting this ancient and evolving breath instrument, the didgeridoo, for many years. Jon is the founder of Sound of Hemp. Nature has inspired and played a central role in the way he creates and designs the internal bores of the didgeridoos that he crafts. Jon has spent many years absorbed in the top end of Australia, out on country and exploring the Pacific and Melanesia regions.

Steven Mazabow is a Yin Yoga teacher, musician and cold-water swimmer. Practicing the art of playing the didgeridoo has been a powerful medium of healing for Steve, integrating his ancestral lineage of Semetic musicians and horn players.  His love for mystical practices and tones are fundamental ingredients in the subtle architecture of the Dream Drone sound.

Izi Illume is Dream Drone’s sound engineer. Izi was born in Turkey and steeped in a rich culture of mysticism, servitude and hospitality. His long-time marriage to Gambirra has further expanded this powerful heritage by bestowing the honour of being adopted into the Yolngu ways. He brings a rich transpersonal awareness to the mixing table.

Si Mullumby is a world class legendary didgeridoo player. He has inspired and influenced didj players throughout Australia and the world. He is a multi-instrumentalist who has studied sound and movement practices from many cultures around the world. Regularly a guest at retreats and conferences with his breath modality Didgeridoo Pranayama, he is the founder of Dream Drone.