Set amidst the turbulent world of Brooklyn’s docklands, this gritty drama leads us into the life of Eddie Carbone, an Italian Sicillian immigrant, who works as a longshoreman in the docks from Brooklyn Bridge to the breakwater, where the open sea begins. He is married to Beatrice his plain, middle aged wife, whom he no longer loves and Catherine, their Italian niece, who they have raised as their own daughter after her mother, Eddie’s sister, died. When the play starts we discover them awaiting the arrival of two young male Sicilian cousins, who hope to work in America, illegally at first, but through Eddie and his work colleagues, to eventually acquire work. Everything seems exciting and possible at the start but, as the relationships become more turbulent and
confronting, we see a family group torn apart and consumed by jealousy and emotions that run as high as the storm tides. Arthur Miller’s brilliant play of love and obsession leaves you so tense that you might forget to breath!