Image description: On the bottom right of the image a cartoon hand coloured orange is holding a pen that is connected to a squiggle which cuts across the bottom left of the image. Above the hand is the National Association for the Visual Arts logo and to the left of this in big black block letters there is text that reads 'Grant Writing Success'.

The Grant Writing Success Workshop provides an introduction to funding bodies, tips for researching the right grant for your needs and an outline of professional support material. Writing grants can be a challenging process and through this workshop you will learn the skills of matching your idea with the appropriate grant, writing and collating support material and understanding application guidelines to gain a clearer understanding of funding criteria.

You will also learn a bit about NAVA and be introduced to the Code of Practice for the Professional Australian Visual Arts, Craft and Design Sector. The Code is both a record and a benchmark of best practice across the contemporary arts including legal, ethical and financial business practices, as well as thorough arts industry guidelines.

This event is proudly delivered free of charge to the Lower Hunter by NAVA and Octapod.