Tim Grant


Tim Grant

September 2014:

2014 is now beginning to wind down. Term three of school will end in only a few weeks and the seasons seem to be changing characteristically (although Spring’ could hasten it’s approach, a little!). Conversations and developments since last entry have made it even more pressing that my sights remain on my ambitions and the world around me. I remain looking forwards and to the future. 

1) Employment: My volunteering with the Salvation Army continues, giving me useful experience. The business my folks began in July 2013 (DeGre Energy- www.degre-energy.com.au) has begun to gain a core group of alliances that may be of great benefit to both parties. And what my mother has often explained to me is the real potential for the whole family to one day be involved. Here’s to the future!

2) Publishing a collection of poetry: have continued to be pro-active in this regard. Went to a poetry recital at a near-by writer’s group the other week, and was quite impressed by the talent there. Yes, still publishing in various outlets and the shortlist for a competition I entered will be published in mid-October. More will doubtlessly be said as need be.

3) The children's book begun in the latter half of 2013: a work in progress, but this has slowed somewhat. Have met with a group at city library twice; last visit saw me rethink the development of the plot. More tweaking will be needed, methinks. Has not been high on priority list for last few months either, and may stay there for a little  longer. Even so- stay tuned.

4) Writing often for here and elsewhere: Haven't actually done much for here at all since my article about the DSA back in January (points one and six explain why), but have a few projects in the wings. They will develop as need be…

5) Keeping active: the City 2 Surf came and went, and I was happy with my result- one hour twenty three minutes. Though I have since wound down, considering it to be the off season, I am still putting in a good walk every few days plus other exercises and should be back on the Bowls Green soon. Joined the local fishing group too, so will be along a few times once the weather warms up.

6) Music: while I abandoned the Way of the Pianist for many years, my return has been an- though far from effortless- easier approach than I imagined. A friend once said to “steer by the compass of your soul”…and so back to the keys I go! Local involvement with the community band has seen me writing a lot more of my own bass lines too, reminding me of the long-forgotten skills I cast by the wayside.

That all for now, my friends, but I will endeavour to remain a loyal contributor- you can be sure of that.

Cheerio, y'all!