The Song Company


The Song Company

Marking the final stage of a four year cycle based on the elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire, The Song Company celebrate the heat and raw passion of FIRE and the music that expresses it, in their latest program Vocal Fireworks

As part of their 30th Anniversary celebrations, Australia’s leading vocal ensemble welcome Danish Guest Director and composer, Bo Holten in this first-time collaboration. Together, they will lead audiences in a fiery program of neck-breaking speeds, hair-raising leaps and awe-inspiring harmonies.

Bo Holten is an extrovert as both a composer and conductor, and is widely acknowledged as an expert in early vocal polyphony. He is one of Denmark’s most celebrated and admired musicians, with his sensational Operation Orfeo being his country’s most performed opera. His impressive oeuvre includes concertos and vocal works, and music for Lars von Trier’s film The Element of Crime.