Sue Linton


Sue Linton

Professional portrait artist of 16 years. Award winning artist and business specialising in creating heirloom lifelike paintings from photos.

I bring your photos to life in paintings that will touch your heart!

People , pets and places

I create portraits for people internationally and can supply a full service from taking the photos to supplying the finished portrait ready to hang!

A portrait touches peoples hearts and is a lifelong memory that is much more lifelike and impressive  than a photo!

“Your paintings capture more life than a photo ever could!”


‘It was by the greatest fortune imaginable that I found Sue Linton via an internet search.  There are many artist to choose from but there was something about the quality of the portraits she’d painted and showed as examples that captivated me.

Every animal’s eyes were different.  I saw the personality emerging from the various paintings even when the breeds were the same.  I knew I had stumbled upon someone who was truly gifted.

When my portrait of Jessie arrived  I was speechless. How could someone who had never met my dog capture her so perfectly? ‘


Satisfaction guarantee.

To start the process just email through your photos or give me a call to talk about your own special portrait!

I also create public murals –

I look forward to helping you get your perfect portrait!