Sharon Davson

49/79 Kings Rd Cooranbong 2265

Sharon Davson

49/79 Kings Rd Cooranbong 2265

Sharon Davson’s spiritual understandings, along with her great love for nature, infuse with her talent to create majestic and masterful works.  She is acknowledged as a world leading spiritual and environmental artist.

Art by her, infused with a passion for the interconnectedness of all on our Earth and beyond, are admired and treasured inclusions in royal, celebrity, museum, corporate, investment and  private collections.

As with many great masters, Davson has spent thirty-five years working mostly on commission, with her art being sold before creation.  This, however, never impinged upon her artistic integrity or style.  She has always had full freedom to interrupt her world as she chose, frequently using her beloved jig-saw puzzle and other motifs to engage her audience to think about the layers of meaning in each work.

Two major retrospective exhibitions of art by Davson have toured in public regional art galleries.  For artists to have historical collections of their work displayed in public galleries is a great honour.  Such retrospective shows are bestowed on artists who have attained significant achievements within the visual arts.

Davson has also worked with over 400 world renowned sportspeople and entertainers, and leaders from other fields to accomplish her creative expressions since 1992.

For the full back story of Sharon Davson and the provenance of her work please go to her website