Patricia Van Lubeck


Patricia Van Lubeck

Patricia Van Lubeck is a Maitland-based artist and owner of Studio Amsterdam in Maitland.

Born in Amsterdam (1965)
Lived and work in New Zealand for 11 years.
Came to Maitland in 2017

My recently created oil paintings are all about ‘individualism’. It became a series of landscapes with a stronger expressiveness than I ever did before. My main motive in this theme is to show people their own place in their world. I’m not intending to learn any body anything about life, I’m only trying to unveil awareness of our individualism and the pressure of the society at the same time.
The source of this inspiration is grown in half a lifetime and filled with millions of particles of images, experiences, stories and dreams.

Most of the people can associate themselves with one of the trees in my paintings. The trees in my latest series are performing like actors. I’m convinced that every person is gifted with at least 1 special thing in life, so you easily can personify yourself with one of the actors.