Octapod is an arts organisation based in Newcastle with a vision of a diverse and thriving arts and cultural sector in the Lower Hunter region. We provide leadership and cultural development initiatives to enhance the capacity of the region’s existing and emerging creative communities.

With a focus on providing leadership to the region’s arts and cultural sector through capacity building and cultural development initiatives, we have three key priorities:

We provide strategic support services to the arts and cultural sector of the Lower Hunter region.

We provide information and advice, auspicing and mentoring to help you secure grants and manage your projects effectively, networking and skills development opportunities to artists.

Supporting participation in the arts by diverse communities as creators, participants, audiences and leaders.

Using a community cultural development approach we work with key strategic partners to to support arts and cultural participation by people from diverse backgrounds. Our work in this area is currently focussed on supporting artists with disability through mentorship and development programs.

We are keen to support participation in the arts by people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) backgrounds and Aboriginal people. Contact us to discuss ways that we can work together.