Naomi Wild


Naomi Wild

Practising Artist of 15 years: Mixture of media (painting, fibre, poetry, sculpture….)

Group facilitation and Workshops for the purpose of connectivity to ones inner world through creative practices and groupwork. In a growing capacity for the last 5 years.

I hold workshops, films and facilitate groups for the purpose of building community through culture. I am seeking exposure in community forums websites etc so as I can obtain interest and bookings.

Creative Centre Workshops Offered:

– felting

-Jewellery making (usuing fibre and recycled materials)

-Personal Mythology Dolls (using fibres and personal symbology to explore a sense of self)

-Mandala work (Using this ancient art form as a personal process of growing self awareness)

-Creative Soul Expression (using abstarct forms of mark making and movement to explore life experience)

-Creative journalling and Poetry

-Ritual as a form of Creative expression

These workshops can be booked for groups of 6 or more and can be used for:

-Fun groups of friends or corporate bonding

-Educational centres