Mitchel Osborne


Mitchel Osborne

Mitchel is an amazing artist, who is a perfectionist. Although he produces his images with great care and skill, he is prolific. He produces beautiful hand drawn cartoon style images and patterns. Mitchel has a love of geometric shapes and bright colours, particularly French blue. Mitchel reproduces his designs onto canvas and board and uses acrylic paint and water colour pencils to finish them off.

Themes Mitchel explores in his work are people, animals, cars, flowers and patterns. Although his images come from a broad range of topics, his works sit well next to each other as he has a remarkable sense of design that ties them all together. They are all unmistakably Mitch Osborne designs; which he proudly copyrights on many of his sketches.

Mitchel has displayed his work in last years’ Art Counts exhibition at Newcastle Art Space and the year before that in a show called Promise at Art Systems Wickham, where he sold two of his art works. These shows showcased works of people with a disability. Mitchel will exhibit his work again this year in a group show at PODspace Gallery. Mitchel’s skills were celebrated when won an award from Octapod at last years’ Art Counts Exhibition, to further his professional development as an artist.

Mitchel continues to grow as an artist; trying different media, subject matter and scale to work on. He has also been experimenting with animation and creating visceral sound-scapes with the iPad.