Margaret Gooding


Margaret Gooding

This is a photographic exhibition for the month of July, commencing 1st july.

My photographic series was influenced by the Picnic at Hanging Rock Movie, with its hauntingly beautiful pan flute music, and sense of wild untamed places.

I also live near the Myall  Lakes National Park, Hawks Nest, NSW, and wanted to capture the exquisite wildflowers gently illuminated by the early morning natural light as it filtered through the trees, and incorporate a sense of unreality, or dreamlike quality.

The model in the series, my daughter, was 17yrs at the time, a similar age to the students lost at Hanging Rock, and the props are very old…the cane chair  (over 90 years old) was my Grandmother’s, and the flower basket (over 65 years old) was my mother’s.  So four generations of women in my family are involved in the making of this series.

The flowers in the basket are dried and not endemic to the region…..some greenery was used to disguise this.  I do not condone the actual picking of wildflowers, as they are protected in this state.

The works on display form part of an aasignment of the elective ‘Constructing with light’, whilst a Natural History Illustration student at the University of Newcastle.

I am presently doing volunteer work both with Octapod and RT Art Space, while looking for work in this field.  I am also an active member of two different wildlife organisations (Myall Coast Koala and Environment Group, and the Platypus Awareness Conservation Team).   I am interested in wildlife and wildflower illustration work, as well as photography work.

Margaret Gooding

B Natural History Illustration.

RT Art Space Co-curator.