Lu Quade


Lu Quade

Lu Quade (a.k.a. Luke Wade) is a Newcastle based community educator, artist, musician and storyteller. He drew and painted a lot as a kid, but stopped at the beginning of high school to concentrate on getting beaten up and learning to play the guitar. Many years passed…

In 2009 his daughter Rose arrived, and in an attempt to kick a video gaming habit and engage in a more creative activity that he could share with Rose, he began to draw again.

So far this has led to the creation of thousands of drawings (lots of owls dressed as monsters and monsters dressed as owls), participating in and organising exhibitions, writing and illustrating  two little children’s books, facilitating lots of fun, creative storytelling and art workshops.

Recently Lu was lucky enough to move into a studio space in Wolfe Studios where he is combining paper cutout animation, music, soundscapes and storytelling.