Kylie Foley


I’m currently practising the skills of Wet plate photography and exploring the opportunities of creating authentic portraits with this hypnotic historic process.

Wet plate photography is a very early photographic technique that dates back to the mid 1800’s. Its is an exquisite one of a kind, hand crafted silver photograph.

Prepared with delicate ripened chemicals using vintage recipes, liquid emulsion is poured with a gentle technique onto a glass or tin plate and is then light sensitised before being ready for exposure.

The skilfully prepared plate is then loaded into a large format camera and creatively and timely exposed and developed whilst still wet. The fixing of the plate is where each sitter can experience the silver image magically appear before their eyes.

Once dried the plate is carefully coated in an organic lavender scented varnish to protect the silver and embalm the portrait for generations to come.

“The beautiful nature of working with hand crafted images is the unique finish that cant be replicated. This collodion experience requires you to be still and present. Its a tangible everlasting object synonymous with imperfections and artifacts. Its a truly beautiful way to capture a portrait.” Kylie Foley