Good Vibrations Academy


Good Vibrations Academy

Established in 2010 by Di Fanning as a singing Academy, Good Vibrations Academy’s main focus is to train in excellence and enable students to share their talent with the community and beyond.

The aim of the founder and staff is to spread the “Good Vibrations” that music and other performing arts create – with their students and audiences – and train up a new generation of performers to infiltrate the industry and make a positive impact using Singing, Acting, Modelling, and instrumental performances as their tools.

For that to happen, it is understood that training must be done by teachers highly qualified and experienced in their craft and, who also have the heart to share their knowledge and be great mentors for or students.

GVA recognises that meditation and yoga are helpful in creating a calm mind and healthy body which assists their students academic and creative preparation and performances.

Tuition in:-





Songwriting and music thoery.