EarthlyInk is a multidisciplinary and community arts practice founded by Newcastle based creative practitioner, Madalyn Ward.

Based in Wolfe Studios, Newcastle CBD, Madalyn has over fifteen years experience in arts management and community cultural development field for both government and non-government organisations throughout Newcastle, Sydney, Northern Rivers and Central Coast.

In 2014 Madalyn made the break from the arts management field to launch her own arts practice with an arts consultant and creative producing layer, leading to the acquisition of a Renew Newcastle art studio, a tender with Wyong Shire Council and Make Your Place Grant.

As a creative practitioner, Madalyn defines herself as a visual storyteller who utilises multidisciplinary practices such as stenciling, illustration, mark making, painting and sculpture to deliver placemaking, beautification and site specific initiatives. Her focus is on narratives which explore, question and celebrate cultural diversity within contemporary society, including a preference on conceptual processes, research and emotive feminine connotations. Her artwork is subject dependent with an emphasis on multilayered and repetitive components of colour, decorative line and bold shape, with the aesthetics depicted through portraiture and figurative forms reflecting environmental, cultural and place based characteristics. Additionally her practice is driven by the ability to create a dialogue between the artwork and audience, where community engagement and participation is a focal component of her  arts development process.