Bring your Rhythm to Life!”


African Drum & Dance Workshops

Every uplifting workshop is tailored to your needs. Workshops will be lead by experienced drum facilitators with over 10 years experience in working with groups of all types and ages. With a focus on fun and letting go…your group will be in the moment and we trust you will witness positive engagement and outcomes.

Experience the non-verbal communication of the drum”

Drumming can be a dynamic medium for growth, change and to de-stress. Hand Drumming is as much about cooperation and listening as it is about beating away. The primal beat is easy for anyone to contribute too but mastering rhythm can be a life-long dedication. So we cater for all skill levels.

Prices will depend on the number of participants and your individual requirements. Email us for more a quote and/or bookings.


Regular Wednesday Night Classes -Newcastle.

These dynamic classes will help you learn the art of drumming, relax and experience joy. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate level there is always something more to learn or experience. We offer two classes on a Wednesday evening Beginners (Djembe 1) and Intermediate (Djembe 2). Each class hosts a full array of djembe, bogarabu, bell and dun dun patterns. If you fancy one over the other let us know.


This class will help you get the basics turning noise to music and beats to rhythms. The class is a fun learning environment that will support you in your understanding and playing. Djembes, Bougarabou’s and dun duns are available to play, so you need not worry about having your own drum (see photos to put names to drums). Just come with an open mind, loose clothing and be ready to live.

Intermediate – Advanced

This class will push your skill and understanding of rhythms. It is designed to move faster than the beginners and reach into the depths of what rhythms have to offer. Slaps, tones, and bases are simple to understand yet difficult to play with clarity. In this class you will learn to play each with consistent clarity and speed. This class is also a dynamic learning environment, using body percussion, mouth percussion, percussion instruments and dancing to support your growth in rhythm.

The rhythms are sourced from West Africa, and some fused with inspiration from Australian percussionists.

For Bookings please call 0407177564

Classes held at: Yoga Hall, 21 Steel St, Hamilton (near Gregson Park).


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Team Building and Corporate workshops available.