Bencke was launched in spring 2005 by gillian t. bencke and is based in newcastle, australia. It is a label of art objects, some of which can be worn. Every piece is handmade and there are no two the same.

The story of how gillian came to be producing her quirky creatures begins at home in the scrub of dudley and leads to tales of plays and hikes and music and singing, as well as ones with chooks and sickles and bee stings. a degree in communications studies, led to photography, self-publishing, exhibitions, installations and collaborations. studies in digital media were followed by travel: a broken LOMO camera and the collecting of memories instead. somehow on the streets of paris the idea of ‘dolls’ from rescued fabric came to be.

Bencke works from the principle of rescuing and redistributing; taking meaning from the old and giving to the new.

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